Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In 1996 This is what Premier Bank and later Bank One said they would do at GSU and the City of Grambling, LA

First USA Partnership
A Letter from First USA Partners 8/99
I would like to thank you for providing First USA Bank with the
opportunity to bid on the affinity credit card business for UEDC.
We are currently looking at groups with a membership or 20,000.
Unfortunately your current membership of 2,500 does not
meet the bank's present size requirements; therefore
I must respectfully decline at this time.
I wish you success with your organization and will be happy
to reevaluate the opportunity as your membership grows.

Suzanne M. Devoe, Vice President Research


On April 4, 2006, Chase Bank officials and Mr. David Lewis of the OCC, met with UAAD in Ruston, LA. Mr. Ruben Ramos stated he would put UAAD in touch with JPMorganChase Bank’s Affinity Credit Card Division within 24 hours, to discuss an Affinity Credit Card Agreement.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chase Bank apologizes for "SLAVE TRADE", promise "REPARATION", then fail to pay

Why JP Morgan/Chase/Bank One should be indicted and face criminal charges, possibly in violation of the RICO Act for red-lining, and discrimination against African Americans, in Louisiana in particular. See the following website and blogs: http://www.unitedaffirmativeactiondevelopment.com/ / http://www.uedcrabank.blogspot.com/ UNITED Affirmative Action Development Corp (UAAD) / United Equity Development Corporation a for profit would appreciate your support in our complaint. SEE: http://www.chasebankreparation.blogspot.com/ http://www.moveon.com/

177. "REPARATION", "Smart Start",according to Chase Bank are the same

JPMorganChase Bank in 2004 apologized for their involvement in the slave trade and promised to provide a mere $ 5 million dollars for what they called “smart start of Louisiana”. This was their contribution. The information regarding how to seek these scholarship funds were hidden in Chase’s web pages. The only university that appeared to be aware of such funds was LSU, a predominately white institution in Louisiana, with HBUC’s having no awareness of such funds until the offer expired, March 1, 2006. JPMorganChase Bank has held back funds that should have benefited the Katrina victims and African Americans where they serve or should serve. JPMorganChase Bank should be penalized not only for their involvement in the slave trade, but also for the following: see: http://www.uaadcorp.com

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