Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Banks & Federal Agencies Discriminate Against Blacks

Who is concerned when African Americans Human/Civil Rights are violated??
While African Americans are dying in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Ghettos of America, Human Rights are continually violated by this Government
FEMA is one example of how government agencies treat African Americans different from Caucasians. When ENRON executives committed numerous crimes against their work force of whom the majority is Caucasian, the Justice Department immediately filed charges. When white females rights are violated in the work place EEOC will enforce the regulations. When African Americans file EEOC complaints little is done by this agency. When individuals file complaints against Halliburton or its subsidiaries, private attorneys have to be obtained. When companies fail to abide by civil rights legislation and laws, government agencies normally fail to act to protect the interest of African Americans. Since slavery ended and our nations banks have been regulated by the FDIC and OCC banks have violated the rights of African Americans. Not only do the federal agencies ignore these violations, they at times conspire with the violators. See: http://unitedaffirmativeactiondevelopment.com/id12.html http://www.uaadcorp.com http://www.chasebankreparation.blogspot.com /


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