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CRA/OCC COMPLAINT: JPMorganChase Bank (case#617-354)

Ms. Jee, Mr. Lewis OCC Officials please see that this and all complaints are entered in Chase Bank Branches nation wide for Public View under 12CFR43.25, complaint #617-354 of the CRA regulation.
We are also awaiting a determination from your office on JPMorganChase Banks authority to cease UAAD officials from entering and inspecting their public files for complaints under 12CFR43.25 of the CRA regulations
Mr. Mark Willis VP Community Partnership JPMorganChase Bank please enter this and all complaints in Chase Bank Branches nation wide for Public View under 12CFR43.25, complaint #617-354 of the CRA regulation.
We are also awaiting a determination from your office on JPMorganChase Banks authority to cease UAAD officials from entering and inspecting their public files for complaints under 12CFR43.25 of the CRA regulations
Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD June 9, 2006

June 6, 2006
Attorney Nancy Langworthy
U.S Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530

Ms. Langworthy,
Thanks for speaking to me on June 5, 2006 regarding the complaint (s) I was expressing relating to JPMorganChase Bank being in violation of CRA/OCC regulations, and possibly Fraud due to Reparation commitments in the state of Louisiana. I expressed to you the necessity to rectify these problems. Earlier in our conversation you stated you would review my concerns, contact the Assistant Attorney General and get back in touch this date. On the return call you stated you had explained my concerns to the Attorney General and his determination was that your department had no jurisdiction regarding my complaints, and you had no one that you could refer me to resolve the matter. See: /
Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD 866 276-2294

MEMO RE: Conversation with Ms. Carol Klim (OCC)

This date spoke to Ms. Klim June 8, 2006 who stated she had a supervisory position with the OCC and was calling on behalf of Mr. David Lewis who was out of the office.
I explained to Ms. Klim my concern regarding Mr. Lewis, Ms. Jee, and Ms. Gilstrap to put in writing what I am being told on the telephone regarding JPMorganChase Bank refusal to allow inspection of their public files, and possibly not placing complaints in such files as required. I also expressed that in addition to the public files complaint, UAAD a 501c3 non profit was acting on behalf of African Americans and the NAACP in Louisiana in an apparent
fraudulent scheme where JPMorganChase Bank promised $5M dollars for a scholarship fund. See:

In a meeting April 4, 2006 with JPMorganChase Bank officials, that was chaired by Mr. David Lewis of the OCC, there was a promise that this commitment would be resolved.

Ms. Klim stated she would discuss my concerns with Mr. Lewis, and she would get back in touch next week.
Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD

Senator David Vitter
2800 Veterans Blvd.
Metairie, LA 70002
ATTN: Brent Tippen
Dear Sir,
OCC assist Chase Bank in discriminating against African Americans
OCC failed to take complaints in a manner beneficial to African Americans
OCC’s failure to enforce 12CFR43.25 (see:
OCC attempted to eliminate community organizations that do not agree with bank’s fraudulent schemes. OCC conspires with Bank (see: click on Feds collaborate link)
Bank Fraud – other complaints
Bank Fraud – UAAD – Maxwell, Bank One USA Visa, Chase, JPMorgan
Operation Push – Liberty Bank
Bank of America – ACORN A$350 billion
Enforce CRA as civil rights legislation
$42 Trillion available toward poverty
70 Billion plus available Katrina Recovery, LA
CRA agreements when needed and proper organizations to implement
Treat CRA as reparation
Assertion that banks commit funds to low-moderate income, especially in LA, many being African Americans
Utilize HBUCs to train CRA banking procedures
Insist that JPMorganChase and other banks work with community organizations to implement CRA programs and cease and desist from pitting these organizations against each other for fraudulent reasons.

Comptroller of the Currency
Administer of National Banks
Ms. Delora Jee, Deputy Comptroller
250 E. SW
Washington, DC 20219
Re: Complaint # 617-354

Ms. Jee,
My name is Walter Ellis CEO of United Affirmative Action Development Corp (UAAD) a 501c3 non profit, negotiating a CRA agreement with JPMorganChase Bank. On 02/27/06 I spoke to you by phone from Congressman Conley’s office. The question was regarding JPmorganChase Bank’s adherence to 12CFR43.25 regarding disclosure of branches public files. You stated that though they do not have to provide their two year CRA activities as a small bank is required, they are required to have available in each branch any and all complaints filed. These complaints must be made available to 501c3 organizations, and the public. The OCC supervisor Ms. Sharon Gilstrap advised me on several occasions that such complaints should be made available to organizations and the public.

On April 4, 2006 I met with JPMorganChase Bank officials and Mr. David Lewis the Community Affairs Officer for the OCC whose region covers Louisiana. Mr. Lewis assured me that such complaints would be made available. I later received a letter from JPMorganChase Bank that I could not enter “any” JPMorganChase Bank branch, due to my complaints.

On May 04, 2006 I spoke to Mr. David Lewis regarding this complaint. Mr. Lewis stated that the bank could not bar me from entering their branches. Mr. Lewis stated also that he would investigate my complaint and would get back in touch with me the first of the week. It is now May 13, 2006 and Mr. Lewis has not returned my call.

This date I received a letter Debra Baker OCC Service Manager, (attached). This letter appeared to be a smoke screen on the part of your agency that intentionally would not address the issue of the banks responsibility of posting complaints in their public file as you and Ms. Gilstrap stated they were required.

The reason for this smoke screen on behalf of your agency in my opinion is two-fold:
Your agency does not want to investigate JPMorganChase Bank because you state it is a conflict of interest on your part.

If your statement on 2/2706 is a true statement that complaints be in the public files, and Ms. Gilstrap stating on several occasions that this is the case, than it is apparent that the letter I received this date from Ms. Baker is a smoke screen created by your agency, see: , and click on “Federal Agencies and Banks Collaborate”,

Ms. Jee I would like a reply from your office as soon as possible. If my complaint is legit, it is another example of why when African Americans complain, they need to hire an attorney according to Ms. Baker, and when Caucasians complain Federal Agencies investigate and prosecute.
Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD
866 276-2294

April 4, 2006
This a memorandum of a meeting held today at Chase Bank in Ruston, LA with Chase Bank officials and Mr. David Lewis of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). You would have to hear a recording of this gathering to believe how a group of adults could attempt to con another intelligent human being.
Others present had their own personal agenda including Mr. Lewis of the OCC, who was more interested in protecting the interest of the bank and neglecting all interest of those Chase Bank and the OCC should protect.
Some others who were invited to express and seek assistance for UAAD’s goals apparently had their own interest at heart and presented a hindrance rather than assistance.
The purpose of this meeting was to ask me, Walter Ellis the CEO of UAAD, A 504c3 non-profit to end my complaints against Chase Bank and the OCC in order that an agreement could be negotiated to help UAAD’s associates. This meeting this date was a dismal failure. It is my intent to pursue my complaint asking Congress to hold a hearing regarding CRA and to also file a complaint with the Justice Department asking the DOJ to take action against both JP Morgan Chase Bank and OCC officials. I also ask that all past complaints be put in the public files including Ms. Sanders asking Kasandra Brown, a reporter from the Ruston Leader newspaper, Mr. Monroe Quigbly and myself to leave the premises after first offering office space and later denying same.
I ask that Mr. Lewis’ supervisor contact me and others present in order to make an official complaint against Mr. Lewis.
We also ask also these complaints be answered by e-mail or in writing in a timely manner. Our urgency is that until and unless someone take drastic action against JP Morgan Chase Bank who refuses to allocate monies promised for their involvement in the slave trades and refusing to disclose why they can commit what should be reparation (CRA) commitments to African Americans as they do so to Caucasians as indicated in their Community Partnership proposals. UAAD has asked Bank One and now Chase Bank for the past ten years to treat African Americans as they do others. The inequality of present day treatment is little different than the treatment this and other banks treated my dad who was born into slavery. See:
Walter L. Ellis, CEO UAAD 866 276-2294 June 11, 2006

March 15, 2006
Mr. David Lewis, Community Affairs Officer
Office of the Comptroller of the Currencey
500 N. Akard St., Suite 1600
Dallas, TX 75201

Dear Sir,
Pursuant to previous unofficial complaints UAAD has made against Bank One and Mr. Mizell Scott’s failure to respond, we ask that your office make this complaint official.
A recent complaint #617-354 was filed at the Houston, Texas office of the OCC.

Bank One / JPMorganChase Bank fail to allow UAAD and others to view their public files as required under 12CFR25.43.

Bank One’s failure to honor previous agreements entered into with UAAD.

Bank One’s failure to provide loan applications to minorities.

Bank One’s failure to disclose CRA activities.

Bank One’s failure to recognize African Americans as CRA recipients.

Bank One’s failure to provide financial assistance through their CRA activities, or Community Partnership arrangements to African Americans.

Bank One JPMorganChase’s failure to include African American Community Organizations in their Community Partnership programs in a manner beneficial to the African American Community.

JPMorganChase Bank’s promise to pay $5 million dollars in reparation payment to descendants of slaves remains unfulfilled.

Mr. Lewis I ask your immediate attention to this complaint and provide me in writing how your office can assist.

Walter Ellis, CEO of UAAD

UAAD’s CRA Complaint
JPMorganChase Bank
UAAD asks the U.S. Justice Department to accept and investigate this complaint immediately. JPMorganChase Bank through false advertisement and discriminatory practices has withheld trillions of dollars that were allocated to Caucasians since 1977 that should have gone to African Americans. In 2004 JPMorganChase Bank committed $800 billion dollars to their Community Partnership Program. Since 2004 in excess of $69 billion have been spent, mostly contributions and loans to Caucasians. See:
JPMorganChase Bank in 2004 apologized for their involvement in the slave trade and promised to provide a mere $ 5 million dollars for what they called “smart start of Louisiana”. This was their contribution. The information regarding how to seek these scholarship funds were hidden in Chase’s web pages. The only university that appeared to be aware of such funds was LSU, a predominately white institution in Louisiana, with HBUC’s having no awareness of such funds until the offer expired, March 1, 2006.
JPMorganChase Bank has held back funds that should have benefited the Katrina victims and African Americans where they serve or should serve. JPMorganChase Bank should be penalized not only for their involvement in the slave trade, but also for the following: see:

I. Past and present red-lining in violation of the CRA Act of 1977

II. Massive discrimination pertaining to African Americans, in loans and contributions as required by CRA.

III. False advertisement, plagiarizing and other possibly criminal acts.

IV. Failure to provide education funding to GSU, a HBUC as promised in 1996.

JPMorganChase Bank’s compliance of the CRA Act will allow billions and billions of dollars to provide assistance to hurricane victims throughout the Gulf region and the U.S. Chase’s compliance will provide funds that will reduce the deficit, using funds that should have been contributed to reparation and other banks discriminatory practices.

I. Failure to commit funds to African Americans in proportion to Caucasians under the Civil rights legislation the Community Re-investment Act of 1977 (CRA). See:

III. Failure to negotiate in good faith CRA agreements that will benefit African Americans.

IV. Failure to pay reparation as promised to African Americans. and the link: JPMorganChase Bank smart start of Louisiana

V. Failure to comply with 12CFR25.43 regulation regarding public files disclosures.

VI. Falsifying commitments to institutions and organizations.

VII. Possibly criminal violations under the RICO Act.

VIII. Failure to fund loans and grants to African Americans.

IX. Failure to give loan applications to African Americans.

X. Failure of CRA representatives to represent African Americans.

XI. Plagiarizing United Affirmative Action Development Corp’s (UAAD) submitted proposals and using same to benefit Caucasians and penalizing African Americans.

Complaint regarding the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and their lack of enforcing CRA regulations.

I. Ms. Delores Jee, Deputy Comptroller of OCC who stated it would be a conflict of interest for her to discuss any complaints regarding JPMorganChase Bank due to her being the supervisor overseeing Chase Bank.

II. Conflicting information from Ms. Jee regarding complaint procedures.

III. Mr. David Lewis, who states he is the Community Affairs Officer, appears to take a similar position as Ms. Jee who consistently refuses to take complaints against JPMorganChase Bank, creating considerable problems for UAAD.

IV. Variable threats by Mr. Lewis, advising UAAD not to file a complaint.

V. Delays and unfair mediation meetings between Chase Bank officials and UAAD representatives arranged by Mr. David Lewis.

UAAD ASK THAT THIS AND ALL COMPLAINTS BE ENTERED IN JPMorganCase Bank’s “PUBLIC FILES”, and that the Public, to include AFRICAN AMERICANS can review such files.

UAAD ASK THAT THIS AND ALL COMPLAINTS BE ENTERED IN JPMorganCase Bank’s “PUBLIC FILES”, and that the Public, to include AFRICAN AMERICANS can review such files.
Upon you receiving this e-mail I request that you give me an immediate reply to the complaint. In addition I ask that this and all complaints be posted in “all” JPMorganChase Bank’s public file wherever they operate as regulated under 12CFR43.25.
Thanks for an immediate response.
Walter L. Ellis, CEO / UAAD 866 276-2294 June 9, 2006


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